19 November 21

What is Concierge Service

Whilst concierge is derived from the Latin word ‘conservus’ which translates to servant, the term and meaning has changed over time and this service is now used in many industries like business, travel, education, medicine, lifestyle and a lot more.

Concierge service has expanded to represent a wide range of personalised services that include from hotel, restaurant and flight reservations to investment opportunities and financial & wealth planning.

Concierge service has become a one-stop shop for financial, lifestyle and business advisory personalised assistance; an end-to-end service committed to accommodate the needs of the client.

A concierge company provides customers differentiated, tailor-made services, creating a trusted partner relationship that falls outside the traditional financial services relationship. This level of specialized offering allows clients to be connected to experts across a variety of products & services leading to a highly personalized and exclusive service.

Why is it needed

A concierge service offers a multitude of benefits to the client:

  • A concierge service is designed to give back to the client their most valuable and priceless asset: their time. A service like this can help free up precious time so that clients can prioritise to be doing the things they enjoy more in life;
  • It is personalised and highly custom-made to serve the specific needs of each client individually. It’s a personal guidebook, targeted search engine that exists to serve them in the best possible way;
  • It’s a service that provides access to expertise, skills and knowledge, ensuring that the best of everything is offered to the client;

‘A concierge can offer convenience and make life easier’

What types of concierge services are there?

The most common services provided by a concierge are in relation to lifestyle: travel, entertainment, dining etc. However, concierge services have been expanding to include a 24/7 access to the most exclusive and informed specialists across a range of industries:

Business & finance concierge

A high-level corporate knowledge service existing to assist with complex financial and business matters with the help of industry-level specialists across a range of subjects: investments, tax planning, financial planning, corporate and legal matters.

1) Lifestyle concierge

A personalised assistance in all lifestyle matters including household management, lifestyle management, transportation, personal shopping, dining, event planning, travel and vacation planning. It’s a very personal serviced designed to help balance the schedule between family, personal and professional responsibilities, supporting the client in all areas of their life and freeing up precious time

2) Travel concierge

This is an exclusive popular service among travellers and businesspeople, where clients get expert opinions and information on hotels, flights, restaurants, transportation and other travel related matters.

3) Wedding concierge

A more exclusive wedding planning service designed to satisfy the needs of the bride and groom so that the wedding is executed smoothly.

4) Medical concierge

A personalised, enhanced care medical service designed for senior citizens, childcare and patients that require routine care and