Set up of Cyprus Company

We assist our clients with the formation of companies and creating a robust presence and structure, both in Cyprus and in selected jurisdictions, by undertaking the registration process, providing a registered office, company secretary and suitable qualified professional directors, always adhering to the client’s needs.

Opening of bank account

For whatever reason you want to choose Cyprus for, as a businessman or entrepreneur, you will need a bank account to operate. And provided you have the necessary documents, it is not too much of a problem to get your bank account in Cyprus. It is possible to open a Cyprus bank account both for residents or non-residents and for local or foreign companies.

Relocation of the headquarters of a foreign co in Cyprus

Headquartering and company relocation in Cyprus has become more attractive through the introduction of the framework known as the Fast-Track Business Activation mechanism (‘’FTBA’’). This mechanism aims to facilitate the establishment and re-domiciliation of businesses from third (non-EU) countries to Cyprus as well as to provide fast and efficient services to new and existing entities of foreign interests wishing to speedily and efficiently establish real presence in Cyprus.

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