Minimum contribution:
€ 250,000
Processing Time:
Visa free travel:
Family dependents:
Hungary Programme

Hungary’s new golden visa scheme, termed the “Guest Investor Residence Permit”, is designed for non-EU and non-EEA nationals looking to gain permanent residency in Hungary, along with visa-free access to other European countries in the Schengen area. The program offers several business investment options, such as purchasing real estate and residential properties and donating towards educational, scientific, artistic, or creative activities in the country.

It was first introduced in legislation towards the end of 2023 and brought into effect on 1 January 2024. While the law has taken effect, the Hungarian golden visa application will only begin on 1 July 2024.

  • A quick and effective option for European residency.
  • Life-long residency, renewed every ten years.
  • The right to reside in Hungary, Visa-free travel within the countries in the EU Schengen zone.
  • There are no minimum stay requirements.
  • Non-residents have no tax obligations.
  • Capital commitment after residency approval and ID card issuance
  • Residence card applies to 3 generations of family (spouses, parents and children)
  • Access to the public healthcare and education systems in Hungary
  • Upgrade your permit to permanent residency after residing in Hungary full-time for 5 years
Investment Options

Option Real Estate

€250,000: Real Estate Investment Fund
€500,000: Real Estate Acquisition
€1 million: Non-refundable Public Trust Donation


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