19 November 21

Already living in EU

  • British citizens already living in an EU country, have certain protections under the withdrawal agreement. They still need to check that country’s specific rules.
  • They may need to register or apply for residency, get new documents, or meet specific requirements – like having a job.
  • If they moved to an EU member state before 31 December 2020, they can carry on living and working there. But they must register as a resident in the country where they live by 30 June 2021.

Planning to move in EU

  • British citizens planning to move the EU in 2021, will no longer have an automatic right to live, work, study or retire there. They will need a visa if they are going there for any reason other than tourism.
  • The rules will depend on the country they want to move to, and the reason for the move. They should check the rules for the country that they are intending to move to.People planning to move to Ireland will be largely unaffected

Can i retire in an EU country?

  • British citizens who are not yet living in the country they wish to retire to are able to visit an EU country without a visa, but only for 90 days in any rolling 180-day period.
  • To stay for longer, they will need a visa. They are likely to need to give details including financial situation and health insurance.
  • They will also want to keep up to date on guidance on pensions and benefits for UK nationals moving to the EU.

For those that want to have a plan in place, we suggest looking at European Investment programmes that offer either residency or citizenship. For more visit our website at www.globalciti.com.