Attracting foreign talent with EU blue card Visa

16 June 22

On Wednesday 17th of January, the Council of Ministers approved the amendment of the legislation for the implementation of the European Blue Card scheme in Cyprus. This Card serves as a permanent residence and EU citizenship to non-EU/EEA nationals while providing comprehensive socio-economic rights.

The proposed legislation harmonizes with the relevant EU directive with regards to the entry and residence permit of highly skilled non-EU nationals to be employed in member states, and aligns with the 2021 talent attraction program, in an effort to promote legal migration.
The aim of this initiative is to encourage foreign qualified workers to live and work in Cyprus within a friendly framework and benefit from flexible entry requirements, increased rights and opportunities, as well as streamlined mobility.

To qualify as high-skilled, individuals must either possess a higher education qualification from a course lasting at least three years, or have at least three years of professional experience in the Information and Communication Technology sectors within the past seven years.
The adoption of this scheme not only fosters diversity and increases the competencies of the local labour market, but it also shapes the future of the island as an international and growing business center.

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