Between Italy and Africa, Malta is the ideal spot to visit and live all year round. Bridging cultures and civilizations is one of the most favorable investment spots to-date



GDPR per capita

30,098 USD

GDPR Purchasing Power Parity

19.26 bil USD

Visa-free countries


Why Choose Malta?

The Malta Individual Investor Program (MIIP), is the most modern citizenship-by-investment program. The MIIP is one of the most exclusive citizenship-by-investment portfolios worldwide and it offers clients the opportunity to acquire citizenship in a country that has one of the strongest, most stable economies of the EU and Eurozone. The benefits of the Maltese Citizenship Program are plenty:

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to 184 destinations including Canada and the EU;
  • The right to live, work, and study in any of the EU countries and Switzerland;
  • World’s strictest due diligence standards and vetting of applicants, thus ensuring only highly respectable applicants;
  • Citizenship of a well-respected EU country;
  • Reasonable contribution and an efficient application process;
  • An attractive place to live or own a second home in, strategically located with excellent air links.

GlobalCiti can help you navigate the paperwork required to participate in this Residency program. Please refer to our concierge service or contact us directly via email.

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Island in the central Mediterranean sea between Sicily and the North African coast




GMT +1


Maltese (official) 79%

Government Type

Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic



Total Area

316 sq km

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